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One of the reasons Netflix sometimes drives me insane is that they do things that are completely inexplicable. Such is the case with a critically-acclaimed film called “Brain On Fire“.

Never heard of it? Well, blame Netflix for that.

The film, based on the memoir by Suzanne Cahalan of the same name, dramatizes her dramatic struggle to find out why she was the victim of sudden blackouts and freak out attacks. She was working as a reporter for the New York Post at the time.  The film boasts a stellar cast led by two PNR/eCO Rising Star alum, Chloe Grace Moretz and Thomas Mann, and also featured Richard Armitage, Carrie Ann Moss, Jenny Slate, and Tyler Perry.

The movie was filmed in the summer of 2015, and had its world premiere at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival, where it got more than its share of good reviews. Enter our buddy Netflix, who swooped in and bought the film to use as a “Netflix Original”, and they initially said it would premiere on the service in August 2017.

So…being a huge fan of both Mann and Moretz, I couldn’t wait for this movie to debut. But there was one problem. Netflix’ programming department apparently missed the memo that they’d bought the film. When I checked the Netflix Media Center list of films for August 2017, it wasn’t listed. Nor was it listed for earlier than they’d initially stated, or later, either.

What gives? A recent check of the media list has dozens of original projects planned for the streaming service throughout the next THREE YEARS. And “Brain On Fire” is NOWHERE to be found. BroadGreen Pictures financed the film and still has it on their website. And the film has apparently been released in Europe. But there’s still been no US release, or even an acknowledgement that Netflix even has the rights to it.

Sooo…what gives, Netflix? When are US audiences going to get to see this film? It’s been over a year since you bought it, and over two years since it was made, so what’s the hangup? When are we FINALLY going to get to see this film?

As always, letters of inquiry directly to Netflix went unanswered…which always seems to be the case for us…

If you’re curious, here’s the trailer below…

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