EuroVision ’18 Song By Song: “Lie To Me” by Mikolas Josef, Czech Republic

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Over the coming weeks, sometimes more than once a day,  we will bring you daily previews of the contest, spotlighting each of the songs individually in random order, where they come from, who will be performing them, and more, as well as some historical info on the contest and some of the past winners and participants.

Next up on our Song-By-Song preview is the official entry from the Czech Republic (also sometimes referred to as Czechia), “Lie To Me” by Mikolas Josef, written by the artist. The song is performed in English. He has been involved in a music career from a very early age and is already an accomplished singer, songwriter, director, and choreographer.  The song will be performed 5th in the competition order on the first semi-final on May 8.

What is it with EuroVision fans that draws them to offkey horns? Can I ask that? Or if not offkey, then offputting ones?  I hate those horns, although I admit that this song has a great infectious beat. But that’s about it – Josef himself comes across as a total sleaze in this video, a slime merchant, or as another fan so eloquently put it in a recent YouTube video, “Smile if you’re a douche…“. The lyrics of this song are perhaps the worst to become part of a hit song since the lines “New Kids On The Block had a bunch of hits, chinese food makes me sick“, from the hit “Summer Girls” by LFO, one of the worst-written songs in the history of…oh, I don’t know, EVER.  And Josef’s lyrics are absolute GARBAGE and even vulgar beyond belief, and I’m not a prude for pete’s sake,  for what is (sort of) considered to be a family-oriented contest, with uses of the phrase “Goddamn it” and the totally WHAT THE FUCK line “Then it got heavy, Mom I’m feeling home already/But steady plenty motherfuckers wanna eat my spaghetti“. Again, WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. FUCK?  Are you KIDDING ME? What IS this SHIT?  Yes, it’s going to be a huge hit all over the continent. Yes, it could be a huge hit on the US Charts, with TONS of bleeping on the radio. But that doesn’t make it a good song, or especially one worthy of EuroVision. It’s not the first time and won’t be the last time there will be excrement like this song in the contest…but honestly…this is just BAD, BAD, BAD…and people and countries that send the “douze pointes” this way need to have their musical tastes removed…

Czech Republic debuted in Eurovision in 2006, but have only participated six times since then; they withdrew for several years after failing to place a single song in the Grand Final. In fact, they have made the final only ONCE, with “I Stand” by Gabriela Guncikova, which finished 25th out of 26 songs in 2016. Their chance to make the final this year might be a bit better, but that’s with the fans – I don’t know if the juries from each country will push this into the finals..despite its inexplicable widespread fan popularity, my gut tells me it’s gonna need massive televoting numbers to survive past the semis…

Here’s the official music video  – check it out…

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