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Hi all – we’ve got some unexpected stuff going on this weekend, so we’re doing a little rearranging on our schedule for this week. Tuesday Digidex and Three Minute Weekend will be on time as usual on Tuesday and Friday rexpectively (and if you haven’t heard, they’re now available on Spotify – YAY!), as will Ring Around The Rosie on Wednesday. Catastrophe Vortex‘ season premiere is coming this week, not sure if it will be Monday (it’s regular day ) or Saturday (special day), still trying to work out the logistics.

Subject:CINEMA’s HUGE “14th annual Fethival of Film Fethivals” will premiere a week later than usual on Sunday, February 3- this allows us to have the full scoop on the ongoing Sundance and Slamdance film festivals BEFORE we go to air, so we can tell you what was purchased, when you can expect to see it, and such.  The season premiere of Front Row Five and Ten is also coming later this week, hopefully on it’s usual day on Thursday.

Our second Patron-only podcast, Subject:CINEMA’s Freeze Frame, will debut sometime this week as well. I cannot stress enough on how much you’re going to be missing if you don’t become a Patron – it’s just $5/month for three new bi-weekly shows, plus some other Patreon-only features that are coming shortly. So PLEASE – sign up and become a patron today at http://patreon.com/pnrnetworks !

Keep your eyes peeled…all kinds of things going on at PNRNetworks over the next couple of weeks…be there or be square…(did I REALLY just say that? ;-))

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