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Hot TrailerYou know, I had high hopes for “Pokemon: Detective Pikachu” when it was first announced. Back then, Danny DeVito was slated to voice the lovable electric mouse, and the idea of bringing the beloved Poke-universe to live action on the big screen seemed like a fun idea.  The first trailer a few months ago scuttled all that – to be honest, I haven’t watched the series since the “Johto Journeys” incarnation, haven’t played any of the games since “Pokemon Stadium” for Nintendo 64 (now, THERE’S a flashback!) and there are now so damn many Pokemon, I can’t keep track of them. Oh, plus, RYAN FRIGGIN’ REYNOLDS has stepped in to voice Pikachu…AND of course the jokes started rolling in…Detective DeadChu, Detective PikaPool, etc. Now, trailer #2 has dropped…and I’m completely…meh. Despite the fact that the film stars Justice Smith, one of our Rising Star alum after his attention-getting turn in “Paper Towns”.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Considering how hyped I was about “The Lego Movie” when it came out only to be sorely disappointed at what a truly blase film it really was, maybe I’ll actually like this, who knows? I do think this, however – either I’m wrong and it has legs and will be the next huge franchise…or it will be the next “Green Lantern“, the next “R.I.P.D.”, the next [insert Ryan Reynolds flop title here]…

“Pokemon: Detective Pikachu” opens May 10th. Enjoy!

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