ESCountdown 2019: #17 – “Stay” by Anna Odobescu, Moldova

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IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Welcome to my ESCountdown 2019, presented by eCinemaOne, The Kirkham Report, and Planet BiblioMusica! Between April 7 and May 10, I will countdown my picks of the entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019! There are 41 countries participating this year, and we’ll bring you each and every entry from them all!

Last year, when we first launched our ESC coverage, I did the songs in random order. This year, I’m changing things up a bit. Due to copyright issues with the way I did my TKR videos on YouTube, my ESC show last year never made it to public consumption. So this year, rather than just cover the songs, I’m bringing you all the info on each song this year ranked in order of my personal preference from bottom to top. I’ll give the reasons for my personal rankings, and some background info on the song, artist, songwriters, and such.  Again, these are MY opinions, and I realize that the ESC fan community is a rabid one, and rarely everyone agrees with everyone else, so as they say, your mileage may vary.

In at #17 on my countdown this year is the official entry from Moldova, “Stay” by Anna Odobescu, written by Georgios Kalpakidis, Thomas Reil,Jeppe Reil, and Maria Broberg. The song is performed in English, and will be performed 3rd at the second semi final on May 16th.

Odobescu has been working on a singing career for the past couple of years, and Eurovision is a huge boost to her visibility for sure.

I have to admit – I have a soft spot for Moldova; they have yet to send a song I haven’t liked to Eurovision in the time I have been watching (although “Hey Mamma” by Sunstroke (2017) does annoy me with that damn saxophone…). Odobescu is blessed with a voice from the heavens, with the kind of power Celine Dion has, but with a slight smokiness to her voice, like that found in Pink or Adele. The video depicts a young well to do couple having a quarrel, and splitting up, with the husband driving off like a madman only to realize he can’t stay away from the woman he loves. This is one of my favorite videos this year, it’s story unfolding right before our eyes. I have high hopes for this one, for sure.

Moldova debuted in Eurovision in 2005, participating 14 times since then. Their best showing has been third place, which occurred in 2017, with the (as noted above, more than slightly annoying but still likable) number “Hey Mamma!” by SunStroke. They have three more top ten finishes under their belt as well – last year’s “My Lucky Day” by DoReDos was helped along by the best, funnest, and most creative live performance of the year in the semi-finals, which unexpectedly gave it a shot in the grand final, where it finished in 10th place –  and continue to produce tunes that EuroVision fans seem to love…

Check out the stylish music video…I’ll bet it will become one of your favorites as well…

Join eCinemaOne, The Kirkham Report, and Planet BiblioMusica each day through this year’s finals on May 18 – be sure to check each site, because some of the features will be exclusive to just one of the sites! My daily song countdown will appear on all three sites, with some additional material coming to both Planet BM and TKR in the days and weeks’  ahead. I missed a few days due to personal issues, so I’m playing catch-up now, and will have two or three entries per day with my #1 pick being revealed on Sunday May 12.

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Catch all the official EuroVision action at their official Website and on their official YouTube channel! And hopefully, we’ll get to see the finals again this year somewhere – American fans, with Logo dropping coverage this year, let’s let AXS know we want to see it become the American home of EuroVision!

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