ESCountdown 2019: #5 – “Roi” by Bilal Hassani, France

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IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN! Welcome to my ESCountdown 2019, presented by eCinemaOne, The Kirkham Report, and Planet BiblioMusica! Between April 7 and May 12, I will countdown my picks of the entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019! There are 41 countries participating this year, and we’ll bring you each and every entry from them all!

At this point in time we are now less than ONE WEEK away from the Grand Final for 2018, and only three days from the first semi final. Today, I will wrap up this year’s ESCountdown, bringing you my top five picks. As always, I know the ESC fandom community is a rabid one, and fans are all over the road with their own personal tastes and choices, so as always with my personal picks, your mileage may vary…:-)

In at #5 on my countdown this year is the official entry from France, “Roi” by Bilal Hassani, written by Bilal Hassani, Madame Monsieur, and Medeline. The song is performed in English and French, and as France is one of the “Big Five” it has an automatic “Bye” to the grand final on May 18.

19-year-old Bilal Hassani has been making videos on YouTube for a number of years, both music and commentary, and he came to national fame in France when he was a participant in the second season of France’s “The Voice Kids” talent show franchise, getting eliminated in the battle rounds (REALLY?). He came out as gay in 2017 and has frequently had to fight back against bigotry and hatred on social media since that time.

Although I have a different personal favorite, I have known in my gut since I first saw the video for “Roi” that Hassani was the one to beat at this year’s Eurovision contest. This song is so powerful, so beautiful, so commanding in it’s presence that it demands to be taken seriously. His unique “Frencnglish” delivery -alternating lines of English and French – is seamless, and his voice is truly sent from the Gods; the song gives me chills every time I listen to it. I am convinced he was put on this Earth to help defend against bigotry and hatred regarding those who identify as LGBTQ, and he’s going to do it in a big way. “Roi“, English translation “King” (well, duh…even I know that, and I speak ZERO French), sends a message to others struggling with who they are to stand up, accept yourself as who you are, and go for the crown, and, to put it bluntly, FUCK everyone else, you WILL succeed no matter what you have to face. Even if the song doesn’t win the whole shebang at the Grand Finel, Hassani DOES win – because I truly believe with this performance, we are witnessing the birth of someone meant to be a superstar worldwide very, very soon, and i will do whatever I can to help him get there…he is just FUCKIN’ AMAZING….

France made its EuroVision debut in 1956 (the first year), and has appeared 61 times since then. They have won the Grand Championship five times – with “Dors, mon amor” by Andre Claveau in 1958, “Tom Pillibi” by Jacqueline Boyer in 1960, “Un Premier Amor” by Isabelle Aubret in 1962, “Un jour, un enfant” by Frida Boccara in 1969’s one-of-a-kind four way tie (with Spain, The Netherlands, and the UK), and “L’oiseau et l’enfant” by Marie Myriam in 1977. Their luck ran out after that last win, and they’ve made the top five only twice in the 21st century, and finished last for the first ever in 2014.

There are simply NO WORDS for this video, I have watched it over and over again..I can’t get enough of it…or of Hassani..

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