PERSONAL: The last time we heard from our intrepid heroes…

…they were sick again. Right in the middle of the biggest Subject:CINEMA weekend of the summer. Ah, the fates..they SUCK…bigtime…especially so far this year…

We were hoping to get back into the swing of things this past weekend…but again, the fates had other plans…TC’s back started causing problems, and Kim started to have yet another relapse of this bronchitis crap cycle through…

So it hasn’t been without trying. Somehow, I’ve managed to keep Three Minute Weekend and Tuesday Digidex up and running even when I have felt like utter crap. And I’ve been working hard on something else that WOULD have made its debut on Subject:CINEMA‘s anniversary weekend three weeks ago…and we’ve also been making some hard decisions about other things as well.

So…here’s where things stand now…and as they say in wrestling, card subject to change…heh heh

Wednesday, July 10 – we will post a preview of Kim’s new series “Kaiju Korner” on the Subject:CINEMA feed. Kim has been working hard to make this show a lot of fun and very informative. We’re posting the preview to let you see what you are missing by NOT supporting us on Patreon – “Kaiju Korner” is available ONLY to Patrons at the $5 level or above. She will begin doing new shows in the immediate future.  Kim’s usual Wednesday night show, “Ring Around The Rosie“, will return on Wednesday July 17.

Friday, July 12 – this weeks’ “Three Minute Weekend” will be up as usual on Friday morning. HOWEVER – if you normally listen to TMW on the website itself, then now is an excellent time to subscribe to the show feed…because our main eCinemaOne site will be down from Friday morning until Sunday evening for an overhaul, that will be making it’s debut on the 14th (see below).

Saturday July 13 – “Subject:CINEMA’s Freeze Frame“, our long-in-gestation new news discussion show, FINALLY makes its debut, EXCLUSIVELY to Patreon Patrons at the $5 level and above – we’ll be going over the latest news and stuff in the entertainment industry, and letting TC and Kim get their licks in on the stupid stuff, the WTF stuff, and more! You won’t want to miss it!

Sunday, July 14 – “Subject:CINEMA” RETURNS!  We’ll be back with our second part of the “Boston Springs A Fethival” show – over a dozen reviews of films that appeared at Boston-area festivals in March, April , and May. And with a new S:C comes a brand new eCinemaOne!  The new site is a vast improvement over what we have now, and will add a TON of new features to our site, and wait until you see it –  we know you’re going to love it!

Thursday July 18 – “Subject:CINEMA presents Front Row Five And Ten” returns to life with brand new top ten lists each and every Thursday evening!

Sunday July 21Subject:CINEMA will celebrate the beginning of its 14th year on the air, a little over a month late – we are one of if not THE oldest roots podcast about movies on the internet – and we’re going to use this show to showcase all we’ve done in the past, all we want to do in the future, and why we need YOU  to be a part of it – it’s gonna be a BLAST!!

And we have a TON of new stuff on the horizon too – including some new podcast opportunities, a few new contests and games, a great way for our listeners to be a part of the PNRNetworks team, a lot of new exciting things coming to eCinemaOne and eCinemaBoston, and more. More news about all our various new projects will be forthcoming in the days and weeks ahead.

And this fall, there’s even more…the return of the all-new”Catastrophe Vortex“, with disaster movies galore (now slated for early September) and “Platinum Roses’ Garden“, covering the fifteenth and final series of “Supernatural” (returns October 12), PLUS the 2019 Fall Film Prevue and the 14th annual PNR/eCO Rising Stars Honors (both coming Labor Day weekend) , a whole month of Halloween Horror in October, including a brand new PNRNetworks Premiere Original Dramatic Production, and more…so don’t miss out!

We can’t thank you enough for sticking with us through our problems…we really appreciate your readership and listenership…stay tuned!