IT’S HERE! Welcome to the NEW eCinemaOne!

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It’s Here! It’s Here! It’s the brand new!

Now, let me say up front that it’s a work in progress. We have a lot more to do on the site, but I wanted to get the new interface up and running over the weekend, which unfortunately means no Subject:CINEMA again this weekend (Sigh). But we WILL return soon!

In the meantime, our new site is way more intuitive and flexible than any other site we’ve had in the past. We’re introducing a lot of specialty areas, we’ve introduced feeds to most of our other sites in the sidebar, all our eCO-connected Spotify playtions are available on the sidebar now, and there’s TONS MORE coming in the days and weeks ahead!

A number of the categories are not yet cleaned up as thoroughly as they need to be and i’m working diligently to make sure that happens over the next week or so – I have to go through over a decade of posts and fix categories and tags, and fix other things as well so we can do this for our loyal readers and listeners!

The best improvement of all is our new “Podcasts” grid right under our Featured Stories area – you can find the six most recent podcasts at a single click right in one place – it will bring you the latest episodes of Subject:CINEMA, Front Row Five And Ten, Tuesday Digidex, and Three Minute Weekend, and this fall will also begin carrying the new episodes of Catastrophe Vortex as well.

We are debuting sections devoted to film festivals, to our awards coverage, our Rising Stars coverage, the latest entertainment passings, and so much more!

We will be introducing a lot more other features as well, so be sure to keep checking over the next few weeks, and you will be rewarded with one of the best fan-based entertainment and podcast sites on the internet!

Thanks for your patience, your continued listenership and readership, and we ask you to hang on for the ride because we think it’s going to be AMAZING! And we want you to come along!

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