OPINION: Area 51: Feds step all over a potential teachable moment

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So, you’ve all heard and seen the news about the 1.5 million idiots zealots concerned citizens planning to get arrested get themselves killed expose the truth by storming Area 51 on September 20, right?

What started off as a Facebook prank has been hijacked by a bunch of conspiracy theorists who seem to think they can actually pull this off. Area 51 has long been the subject of speculation due to it’s proximity to Roswell, New Mexico, where a supposed alien spacecraft that was actually a top secret government “weather balloon” (actually an atmospheric radiation detector) created by scientific genius Dr. Athelton Spilhaus crashed in 1947, and the theorists are determined to see “them thar alien bodies once and for all, varmit”…

Of course, the Feds got angry – Area 51 is a sensitive Air Force testing facility, and the feds let it be known that they would defend their property, to the death of the intruders if need be.

Oh HONESTLY….sometimes the government is so goddamn full of itself that they completely miss the forest for the trees, and they did it again with these threats of violence against anyone storming the facility.

What the government should have done was turn this into a teachable moment. They could have said, “you know…we realize that Area 51 is the stuff legends and conspiracy theories are made of, and has in fact CREEPED THE FUCK OUT OF most Americans throughout their lifetime. Maybe it’s time we come clean. We will make arrangements to open our facilities on September 20th and the following few days for a grand tour of the facility, so we can explain what actually goes on here.”

You think I’m being facetious here? Nope not one bit – I’m one hundred percent sincere. Let me explain.

The government has more than one top secret facility in the country. In fact, I just read this past week online somewhere that they are rumored to have as many as THREE HUNDRED such sites in all 50 states, several US territories, and a couple of rumors about ones in lower Yukon, Canada (with full permission, of course). And with the dozens of weird aircraft sightings happening throughout the US more than any other country over the past four years or so, now would have been the PERFECT time to say to the American people “We can’t tell you EVERYTHING. But we CAN tell you SOMETHING.”  All they would have had to do is move anything that is super sensitive to another facility – they would have had eight weeks or so to move things in stealth mode like they usually do, plenty of time –  and the Government can even show off “alien bodies” that aren’t really alien bodies at all, but dummies that were used in a cover story all those years ago, to cover the fact that the US was trying new and experimental ways to keep an eye on the Soviet Union’s nuclear developments.  They could have gone on record with experimental craft that didn’t measure up and was abandoned. They could have told the people they’re supposed to be protecting that they ARE indeed trying new and unproven – and possibly dangerous – ways to do that. And it’s all happening right at Area 51.

As for myself, I have never believed the alien bodies stories. I have always believed that Area 51 is a test facility for untried prototype transportation vehicles, scientific experiments, and other things that the military can sometimes go TOO gung ho doing. But I also believe all of it has been in the good faith of being able to protect the American people – and perhaps the entire planet – from any kind of truly awestriking event. And they blew it, as usual. In a post-Snowden world, where the American citizen is more than aware of the fact that they are being (wrongfully) spied on, listened to, having their images and DNA results being interred in top secret government databases, ANY AND EVERY chance the US government, and especially the US Military, has to be transparent in what they are doing should be welcomed as an opportunity to keep the people they’re protecting informed and aware of what is truly being done to ensure their safety.

All the government had to do was put on a convincing dog-and-pony show, make sure about 60% was hones and accurate, keep their super top secret 40% hidden from those who have no need to know about those things, and help re-instill confidence in the US Government, that has been on the downslide for going on eighteen years now, regardless of what party has been in power, since that fateful day when the world changed forever because of fanatics who chose to attack the USA using airplanes as weapons of mass destruction. In a world where we’re danging on the precipice of possibly facing a real-life scenario like that presented in the 1971 film “Colossus: The Forbin Project”, with scientists pushing AI development to the edge and possibly over it without thinking ahead (even Stephen Hawking warned them about this potentially fatal experimentation before he died), it might come into play that the only thing that can protect humanity from a real-life AI-driven “Skynet” (oh, excuse me, make that ALEXAnet) event is the research being done at….you guessed it, Area 51.

The American people really need confidence in their government, in their leaders, and in their military, especially now, with the onslaught of outlandishly and ridiculously childish political infighting ripping this country to shreds. And this would have been a perfect way to do it. Alas, the opportunity has been blown now…no way to salvage it. And people aren’t REALLY going to try and storm Area 51….but if you’d just had a little common sense, you could have really had a major teachable moment.

The only sort-of bad thing about it is that you would have had to put Peter Jackson or Joss Whedon in charge…Stanley Kubrick died years ago…heh heh heh…

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