PODCAST: Subject:CINEMA #631 – July 27 2019

Subject:CINEMA #631 – July 27 2019


WE’RE BACK!!!  And we didn’t mean to be away for so long, but more on this in a mo and on the show…

After two months of huge miniseries PLUS Eurovision coverage, we’re back to weekly production with this weeks’ show – and actually, we’ve got TWO shows for you this week…because…it’s that time of year again..time to cover the eight weeks between March 1 and May 1, and a little on either side, as we FINALLY bring to you the 2019 Boston Springs A Fethival Special, Part 02!

This show features reviews of the following films from the Fethival season: “Eye Of The Beholder – The Art Of Dungeons & Dragons”, “Hail Satan?”, “Midnight Traveller”, “The End Of Fear”, “Witkin And Witkin”, “Kate Nash: Underestimate The Girl”, “China Love”, “The Silver Branch”, “Balian (The Healer)”, “False Confessions”, “Lizzie”, “Love Antosha”, “Cold Case Hammerskjold” and “Well Groomed”

PLUS coverage of our first trip to the Brattle Theatre’s always fun evenent “Trailer Treats” in FIVE YEARS (!)…and a review of a brand new film world premiering at the Rhode Island International Film Festival next month, April Wright’s “Going Attractions: The Definitive Story Of The Movie Palace”!

Now, here’s the bad news – we are returning this week only to have to tell you we’re going away again…but not for long…after some long discussions between us, we have decided to take a month to regroup, strategize a bit, and get ready for a new lease on life – we will reboot S:C in September – more on this in the final segment this week. All of our other regular shows will continue throughout the month of August, including the return of “Front Row Five And Ten” and the debuts of “Freeze Frame” and “Reel Review”, plus “Three Minute Weekend” and “Tuesday Digidex” as well.

Subject:CINEMA will return on Monday, September 2 – Labor Day – with the 15th annual eCinemaOne/Subject:CINEMA Rising Stars Honors! We’ll see you then!


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