PODCAST: Subject:CINEMA #646 – March 8 2020

Subject:CINEMA #646 – March 8 2020

Hey ALL – WE’RE BACK! We’ve had a hellish six weeks, both of us sick at one time or another, but we’re finally back on track! Sorry for the absence!


“Masochistic March” will officially launch next week because on our first show back, we have to talk about the elephant in the room that has popped up since our last podcast – this is a Special Report: The Coronavirus Outbreak and the Entertainment Industry –


The 2020 CatVideoFest, Rising Stars updates on Marko Stunt and Theo Taplitz, TC’s ongoing Twitter feud with AEW…um…star (?) Evil Uno, and more!


Said it was March 6 at the beginning of the show, it’s not, it’s March 8th, and i corrected it later in the show…sorry


For full info on COVID-19 and up to date coverage of where it’s happening check out the following:

US Center For Disease Control https://www.cdc.gov/

World Heath Organization https://www.who.int/

Check out the new music video (and all the earlier creative shorts) from 2016 #1 Male Rising Star Theo Taplitz, “Monkey Man”  https://vimeo.com/user37730677

Check out the debut single from 2019 Rising Star Honors alum and AEW star Marko Stunt, “All My Friends”  https://soundcloud.com/user-535995562/all-my-friends

Find out when the 2020 CatVideoFest is coming to your area ! http://www.catvideofest.com/

Check out the uncalled for, vicious attack on TC and our Patron Circle campaign by AEW’s Evil Uno (well, ok, I DID kinda goad him into something…) https://twitter.com/EvilUno/status/1236299622911541248  AND HEY, PNRNETWORKS readers and listeners – Don’t let Evil Uno dis us this way – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Join the Patron Circle now so I can throw it back in his face… http://patreon.com/PNRNetworks

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