Subject:CINEMA needs YOUR INPUT on COVID-19 and what’s happening in your area!

eCinemaOne and PNRNetworks are keeping a close eye on the effects of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on the entertainment industry. But we also need to hear from YOU!  This Sunday, Subject:CINEMA plans a second special on the virus and how it’s affecting the industry, and we’re looking for reports on local areas and how their moviegoing habits have been affected by the onset of this pandemic. Fill out the form below – make sure you include a name or handle and a location  then tell us what’s happening with the movie business in your part of the country or elsewhere in the world – responses will be read on the show this Sunday, but continue to report after that as we’ll be updating it weekly throughout the crisis. Think about the following questions as part of the response:

1) How is attendance in your local theater? How are they doing with communication with moviegoers, and are they keeping their venue safe to visit? Are you going out and do you feel safe doing so?

2) Have any entertainment events been cancelled in the last two weeks in your area because of the virus outbreak?

Thanks to all who fill out this form and help us out!

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