Eurovision launches streaming “Home Concerts” series

The Eurovision Song Contest has launched a new “Home Concerts” series, where artists past and present from the ESC perform for a worldwide viewing audience from their homes, hence the title. Appearing in the first episode:

Rassmussen, Norway 2018

Slavko Kalezić, Montenegro 2017

Ryan O’Shaughnessy, Ireland 2018

Tamara Todevska, North Macedonia 2019

The new “Eurovision Home Concerts” series will debut a new episode every Friday through May 15, featuring each artist performing their own Eurovision entry and a cover of another artist’s entry chosen by social media polls.

Here’s this week’s episode – enjoy! Note – check out Ryan O’Shaughnessy and pals doing the dance from Iceland’s 2020 entry by Dadi og Gagnamagind, “Think About Things” – HILARIOUS! 🙂


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