Eurovision Home Concerts series, Episode Five is here!

Time for the Eurovision Song Contests’ new “Home Concerts” series, where artists past and present from the ESC perform for a worldwide viewing audience from their homes, hence the title. Guests for week five:

Tom Leeb, 2020 France
Ben Dolic, 2020 Germany
Roxen, 2020 Romania
Michael Schulte, 2018 Germany
Sandro, 2020 Cypress
Senhit, 2020 San Marino,
ZiBBZ, 2018 Switzerland
VAL, 2020 Belarus
Samanta Tina, 2020 Latvia

The “Eurovision Home Concerts” series will debut a new episode every Friday through May 15, featuring each artist performing their own Eurovision entry and a cover of another artist’s entry chosen by social media polls. You can vote each week from the Eurovision Instagram Story page at!

A Quick *Spoiler and *warning* for those emotional people prone to losing their s**t from time to time over music (like both me and my wife) about one of the cover songs –  (highlight to see) Michael Schulte’s cover of Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s “Together” will leave you in a puddle on the floor….

Here’s this week’s episode  – enjoy!