Eurovision Week Begins: Coverage all week

I know it’s NOT going to be the same because of the insane circumstances, but we’ll try nonetheless…it’s time for Eurovision Week on eCO, TKR and PlanetBM!

This week, I will have Eurovision-related stuff every day – Today, Wednesday, and Friday, I’ll bring you my Eurovision-related lists of some sort that spotlights certain topics. Friday will also bring the final episode of the Eurovision Home Concerts series. Tuesday and Thursday, in place of the semi-finals, we will see the Eurovision Song Celebration, where each of the songs will be spotlighted in the order they were to perform at the semi-finals but in a NON-competitive fashion (please tell me HOW is this different from the idea I had about doing the SAME DAMN THING but IN competition weeks ago? Humph!), and on Saturday, in place of the finals, MOST of us will see the special “Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light” where all 41 songs will be feted as well as historical Eurovision in general. I say “most of us” because some countries will be hosting their own Eurovision-related specials. So be aware that certain countries’ feeds may have different programming on.

I will be attempting to live-blog all three shows, with my thoughts and observations. I say attempting because at the moment, both my wife and I are working from home, using the same broadband, and I don’t know how the connection will be on Tuesday and Thursday. If live blogging causes problems with viewing, I will wait until after the specials have concluded to make said observations. Saturday will hopefully not be a problem like last year thanks to the new setup we have with our main television. All three of the specials should be available on the Eurovision YouTube channel, but if you run into a problem, fire up your VPN and sign into a country carrying them and you should have no problem. If you don’t have a VPN…well, that’s YOUR fault, isn’t it? 🙂

I’ll be back later today with my first Eurovision list of the week!


Join eCinemaOne, The Kirkham Report, and Planet BiblioMusica over the next week as we go full blown Eurovision Song Celebration!

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Catch all the official Eurovision action at their official Website at and on their official YouTube channel!


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