LIVE TELECAST: Eurovision Song Celebration part 1 – 3 PM ET/12 Noon PT


I know it’s NOT going to be the same because of the insane circumstances, but we’ll try nonetheless…it’s time for Eurovision Week on eCO, TKR and PlanetBM!

Beginning at 3 PM today, you can come here to connect to part one of this years’ Eurovision Song Celebration! The first semi-final songs plus Big Five members Germany and Italy will be featured. Telecast live from Rotterdam with all kinds of special extras – and this year’s celebration should NOT be “geoblocked” which means you should be able to tune in from ANYWHERE on YouTube to watch. If you encounter problems, hit your VPN to “on” and go to for coverage!

I will be posting commentary on each show this week approximately 15-30 minutes after the conclusion each show; internet issues are making it impossible for me to live blog, though I’ll be watching live and I hope you will be too!



OK, we have the first part of the “Eurovision Song Celebration” out of the way.

The first thing I learned was that I had the running orders all WRONG so I have to go back and correct EVERY SONG from my countdown now…I’ll get that done in the next couple of days…I was also surprised by the fact they chose to use music videos over the live performances on several of the songs…even when they definitely had access to live national finals coverage.

The show was pretty pedestrian, as expected, but it was the EFFORT by Eurovision that is really appreciated by me – I wish they could have done it with a vote, but it is what it is. They at least tried to do SOMETHING, which was NOT the original intention when the contest was cancelled, it was only the huge fan outcry that made them realize that they had to do something or risk alienating MILLIONS of fans around the world…

As for the extras…

The first interstitial (or interval, if you ESC fans prefer, heh heh) was artists “remaking” their entries into other genres – I already POSTIVELY HATE Lithuania’s GAWD AWFUL “On Fire” (what IS it with European fans always going utterly GAGA for pure unadulterated SHIT songs like this?) but the fact that the singer from The Roop was EVEN DARING to imitate Elvis Presley was a complete and utter travesty, and even borderline offensive in a musical way, because Elvis wouldn’t even go ANYWHERE near that turd of a song…gimme a break! The rest of them were kind of weird, and I don’t even know what Ben Dolic of Germany was supposed to be doing, I honestly couldn’t tell what he was going for, but it was entertaining…and for Australia’s Montaigne to make her shrill “Don’t Break Me” into an even more shrill (and STILL terrible) opera was beyond me…hey at least she was having fun, I guess…

The second interstitial was all time favorites of this year’s artists, and some of them were quite interesting…”Euphoria” and “Heroes” made multiple of their lists…no surprise there, as both songs – former Grand Champions – are FANTASTIC! I was disappointed not to see some of the TRUE classics on the lists, though…

The third interstitial was YouTubers reacting to certain videos. This was fun to the extent that I haven’t seen any of these people yet, I don’t think (one or two of them might contribute to ESCUnited, as they looked kinda familiar), but the reactions were all very cutsy, and nobody had to the guts to just say “Wow, this song just SUCKS!” on any of them, which I surely would have absolutely pissed myself laughing at…MOOHAHAHAHA…but they probably wouldn’t have let that through anyway…

Finally there was the song recap, featuring clips of fans dancing and singing to each song. It was nice to see so many different nations represented, INCLUDING the United States (YAY! But for the LOVE OF GOD, why for “Attention” by Norway’s Ulrikke? Yeesh, you could have picked a better song!). The fan recap is HELLA FUN, and should be retained as a permanent part of Eurovision from now on! YEAH!

So that’s it – the show is just over 90 minutes – actually TEN MINUTES SHORTER than last weeks’ “Eurovision Home Concerts” entry –  and we’re out of here for coverage. Check out the replay below, and I’ll see you all week long with more Eurovision stories, lists and  coverage!



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