LIVE TELECAST: Eurovision Song Celebration part 2 – 3 PM ET/12 Noon PT


I know it’s NOT going to be the same because of the insane circumstances, but we’ll try nonetheless…it’s time for Eurovision Week on eCO, TKR and PlanetBM!

Beginning at 3 PM today, you can come here to connect to part two of this years’ Eurovision Song Celebration! The second semi-final songs plus remaining Big Five members Spain, France, and the UK will be featured. Telecast live from Rotterdam with all kinds of special extras – and this year’s celebration should NOT be “geoblocked” which means you should be able to tune in from ANYWHERE on YouTube to watch. If you encounter problems, hit your VPN (you DO have a VPN, RIGHT?) to “on” and go to for coverage!

I will be posting commentary on each show this week approximately 15-30 minutes after the conclusion each show; internet issues are making it impossible for me to live blog, though I’ll be watching live and I hope you will be too!


5 PM

Well, round two of the Eurovision Song Celebration is in the books. It was a fun show again.

Interstitial coverage:

First we got a look at several of the competitors doing their songs in their native language instead of English – Latvia, Poland, and Austria

Second, it was a recap of the Eurovision Home Concert series (the SEASON finale, which implies they plan to do this again, is tomorrow at 11 am ET) and some home tours from Stefania, Gjon’s Tears, Tom Leeb, James Newman, and such – Takeaways from this – 1)Stefania loves cool clothes 2) Gjon is a hilarious person – listening to Grace Jones at 45RPM instead of 33, reading the history of Eurovision in his little hideaway, etc 3) Senhit’s dog Buddy plays dead very well –  ROTFL (you have to see it to get it but it was HILARIOUS – the damn dog didn’t move ONCE the entire time she was praising him…4) James Newman likes to cook, making bacon and egg sammies and tea for he and the cameraman… and 5) Tom Leeb is a very strange person, and obviously still lives at home with his parents if my vibe is right about his “room”…all in all it was lots of fun, if a bit long..

Third, we got more YouTuber reactions to various videos – this time they spotlighted several songs on today’s show, but Iceland got the biggest reaction, no surprise there, heh heh…because Dadi and company are AWESOME…

Finally, there was the hilarious fan recap of the 21 songs on today’s show. You know, now I wish I’d done one of these. If they can do this and look like a dork, I could have too…and the US didn’t have much representation – just one person this time, a woman – and so I probably would have been guaranteed a slot.

Coming up tomorrow, the season finale of Eurovision Home Concerts, which is said to feature all past winners, we’ll see. And then on Saturday, this years’ COVID-19 finals substitute, “Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light”, which despite myself, I am really looking forward to. I wish it were a real finals show, but then again, doesn’t everybody!

And of course, my final Eurovision list – the weird, the wild, the just truly AWFUL “WTF” Eurovision entries over the years, coming Saturday morning! BE HERE!



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