EUROVISION: It’s Dadi Freyr Day!

It’s EUROVISION DAY – well, it WOULD BE, if this year’s contest hadn’t been cancelled. But we’ll make it up to you – I’ve got lots of stuff today, and we’re kicking off today’s festivities with a special – it’s DADI FREYR DAY!

Freyr won my top spot this year and by all accounts online (except for one or two partypooping deniers out there, heh heh) was on his way to winning ESC 2020 for his home country Iceland with his delightful little ditty “Think About Things“. SO….today, to kick things off, it’s time to give you some great Dadi-videos!

First up, Dadi posted a hilarious thank you to the fans of his song in the form of video for “Think About Things” made up almost entirely of fans doing the song and it’s hilarious live choreography. I say “ALMOST” because one of the clips is of Ireland’s 2018 ESC competitor Ryan O’Shaughnessy and friends doing the song for one of the Eurovision Home Concerts specials that aired. Anyway, thank you Dadi for this hilarious video – there’s so much going on you’ll need to watch it two or three times to see everything!

Next up, Dadi performed a fantastic hour-long livestream concert on his YouTube channel yesterday featuring all Eurovision covers – and he did it brilliantly, performing in English, Swedish, Danish, and of course his native Icelandic as well – we also get to see Dadi’s wife Arny as an added bonus. In addition to his own entry “Think About Things“, you’ll hear Dadi’s take on some Eurovision Classics, including Lordi‘s “Hard Rock Hallelujah“, Loreen’s “Euphoria“, Man Zemerlow’s “Heroes“, the Olsen Brothers’ “Fly On The Wings Of Love (in their native tongue, too!), and his self-admitted favorite song to play, Verka Serducha’s “Dancing Lasha Tambai” – I watched it live, and he is as witty and hilarious even with an imaginary live audience as he no doubt is in front of a real one!

Dadi and his pals in Gagnamagnid (and I WILL learn how to spell that without having to look at it, I SWEAR!) produced a “quarantine” video of “Think About Things” last month that is a lot of fun…I love how they’re all just doing everyday things – Arny is popping corn doing her part, it’s a riot!

The day after the official cancellation, Dadi polled his Twitter followers (@dadimakesmusic) and asked them what ESC song they’d like him to cover…and the answer surprised me, and was it ever worth it – here’s Dadi’s brilliant cover of Eleni Foureira‘s 2018 smash “Fuego”

For those new fans of Dadi who may not be aware of it, 2020 was the second time Dadi and Gagnamagnid tried to represent Iceland at Eurovision – they also entered Songvakeppnin, Iceland’s annual national contest for ESC, in 2017 – they just missed making it through, finishing in second place – and once again, it was a song from personal experience, this time about how Dadi fell for his now-wife Arny – from Songvakeppnin 2017, here’s “Is This Love?

Next, it’s time for a deep dive blast from the past – Dadi got his start way back in 2012 as the leader of the synthpop group RetRoBot – and he was already showing huge things would happen, as the band won that year’s annual Músíktilraunir (“Music Experiments”) contest, and Dadi would win “Electric Musician of the year” at the age of NINETEEN. RetRoBot recorded mostly in Icelandic, but they did one terrific song in English – here’s “Insomnia“!

Finally, earlier this week Dadi participated in the recent series of interviews under the title “EurovisionCalls” with Nikki on the official ESC YouTube channel – in it, he has some fun things to say, including whether or not he’d be interested in returning to ESC in 2021..


So if you can’t tell yet (!) I am utterly convinced that the ENTIRE WORLD is going to have to contend with this incredibly talented and amazingly creative Icelandic musician in the not too distant future – anyone who knows me knows for an artist to capture my attention (and my heart) the way Dadi has done has to be REALLY SPECIAL…mark my words, world…Dadi Freyr is coming…so get the hell out of the way…heh heh

You can find more on Dadi in the following places:

Twitter – @dadimakesmusic

Dadi’s YouTube –

RetRoBot –

SoundCloud –  AND

More Eurovision as the day goes on, including my take on the bad, weird, and wonderful Eurovision songs over the years, and of course, the finals substitute special “Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light” coming at 3 PM ET 12 Noon PT in the US!



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