EUROVISION: The Kirkham Report presents the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest Wrapup

Well, it’s finally here….after seven weeks of countdowns and coverage, the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest season is over. Sad since it never really was to be…there are no winners in a cancelled contest….well, OFFICIAL ones, anyway…:-)

But take heart – my FINAL look back at this year’s shows, a look forward at 2021 to the return of the REAL Eurovision Song Contest and the launch of the American Song Contest (knock on wood for both; hopefully no COVID-19 issues) and more – plus TWO special announcements – are all part of this year’s edition of “The Kirkham Report” Eurovision Wrap Up podcast, premiering at 6:30 PM ET tonight on the PNR YouTube channel!

As the song goes….”See youuuuu…in September….” SEPTEMBER? What’s he talking about? LISTEN TO THE SHOW! 🙂


Thanks for being a part of eCinemaOne, The Kirkham Report, and Planet BiblioMusica coverage of the 2020 Eurovision Song Contest Celebration!

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Catch all the official Eurovision action at their official Website at and on their official YouTube channel!


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