About ECO

eCinemaOne has been serving entertainment fans’ needs for great insight, commentary, and reviews since its launch as Popcorn N Roses on December 1 2005.  The flagship site of the PNRNetworks group rebranded as eCinemaOne on January 1 2014.

eCO is dedicated to bringing entertainment fans the latest news, commentary, info, and reviews of goings on in the industry. As the main site of the hub, it serves as the parent site for the popular long-running film podcast Subject:CINEMA, as well as offshoot sites eCinemaBoston, Indie Film Spotlight, and Save Our Screens, and is also affiliated with an number of other sites and podcasts that are a part of the PNRNetworks family.

eCO owner and webmaster TC Kirkham serves as the chief writer for eCO, eCB, and other sites. He is the network’s head film critic, the producer and co-host of Subject:CINEMA, producer of several podcasts, and a member of the CriticWIRE Critics panel and the Boston-based Chlotrudis Society for Independent Film’s nomination committee.