eCinemaOne is the flagship site of the PNRNetworks family, covering film in various forms. In addition to regular film commentary, features also touch on various aspects of film, including scores, cinematography, and other behind the scenes fixtures of the industry. eCinemaOne also regularly champions smaller films that the writers and podcasters have grown fond of; in the last few years we have been vocal about films such as The Runway, Tom At The Farm, I Wish, Brick, Stand Clear Of The Closing Doors, and many others over the years.

In addition to web commentary and reviews, eCinemaOne is also the home of Subject:CINEMA, one of the longest running film podcasts on the internet; Three Minute Weekend, a weekly rundown of new film releases; and Tuesday Digidex, a weekly rundown of new DVD, BluRay, and Streaming releases.

There are a growing number of people who work hard to make eCO and PNR Networks a great place to visit – and here they are!

TC Kirkham is the owner and webmaster of PNRNetworks, a growing group of entertainment related websites and podcasts. Kirkham is also the producer and co-host of the popular Subject:CINEMA podcast, now in its tenth year of production, and is the senior writer and reviewer for eCinemaOne, eCinemaBoston, and other PNRNetworks sites.  You can find TC online at many social hubs under the eCinemaOne and eCinemaBoston handles.



Kimberly Brown was born in Canada on November 30, 1968. Adopted by an American couple as an infant, Kim has always been interested in performing, and found a great deal of enjoyment in both singing and acting. That love of the stage carried her through grade school, high school and college. It was in college that Kim really shone, appearing in productions of “Godspell“, “Cabaret”, and “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas“. After college, Kim entered the work force, but her love of the theater never left her. Kim is always up for the challenge when it comes to mastering a myriad of different voices and accents. A talented mimic, she can offer the voices for old and young, male and female, good and evil, high-class or low-brow. A serious student of film, Kim is turning her vast knowledge of films old and new into a resource for her work as a co-host on Subject:CINEMA, and her rabid viewing of Supernatural into her highly entertaining Platinum Roses’ Garden podcast. She also hosts a wrestling podcast, Ring Around The Rosie, and a Kaiju show, Kaiju Korner, exclusively for Patreon Patrons of PNRNetworks.

Eric Lyon is the producer and co-host of the Cavebabble podcast, but also an electronic musician, under the name EyeOh. Back in the Casio Age of the late 1980’s, Eric began pounding his head on an electronic keyboard, playing along with his Depeche Mode tapes while living in southern California. His sound evolved over the years, progressing through the Amiga Age of 8-bit sample composing, and into the Windows-driven Age of Orion. Today, Eric continues to generate a yearly CD of original songs, as well as cover and theme work for various PNRNetworks productions. His patience with TC’s sometimes oddball music requests is legendary, and he always comes through for us in a crunch!

dsc_1016Anthony Lamberti, he of Subject:CINEMA‘s “Moment Of Madness” segments and the former host of Mashed Up Madness, is the newest member of  team eCO.  Ever since he can remember he has been in love with movies, television, and the world which is cinema, even briefly attending college for television and Directing. He also worked in many movie theaters learning as much as he could about the industry as possible. He’s also a huge comic book fan as well as gamer. He got into podcasting after listening to Subject: Cinema and Cavebabble and has been doing it ever since. He lives in Quincy MA with wife Celena (who has also contributed on his MOM segments from time to time),and two wonderful cats.