Diamonds In The Rough

Each year, much like the underrated movies, we go through and find some gems that most of the general moviegoing public are unaware of, either because they are older films that have fallen off the radar, or are recent films that got a very limited release. We name these films our “Diamonds In The Rough”, and highly recommend that you see them, because they are films worth seeing.

They may sometimes be hard to find, but they’re worth looking around for. In 2007, we also named “Uncut Gems”, the films that we have seen either at festivals or through screeners sent to us by the filmmaker that we think you should definitely keep an eye out for. These have since been folded into the regular Diamonds.

So here’s the list – and remember to let us know when you watch them and what you think of the film!

2006 – “Diamonds In The Rough”

Kim’s Diamonds



“Off The Beaten Path”

“The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi” (2002)

“One Last Thing”

TC’s Diamonds


“Lords Of Dogtown”



“Hanson: Strong Enough To Break”

2007 – “Diamonds In The Rough II – Karat Cake”

Kim’s Diamonds



“The King Of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters”

“Death At A Funeral”

“December Boys”

TC’s Diamonds

“Air Guitar Nation”

“Black Irish”

“Delirious” (2007)

“Fierce People”

“The Missles Of October”

2007 Uncut Gems

“Once Upon A Film”

“Still Green”

2008 – “Diamonds In The Rough III”

Kim’s Diamonds:

“Tales From The Crypt”


“My Winnipeg”

“Three Outlaw Samurai”

“Vault Of Horror”

“The Field”

TC’s Diamonds:

“Man In The Chair”

“Snow Blind”

“This Film Is Not Yet Rated”

“Brand Upon The Brain”

“Black Rose Mansion”

“Quiet City”

2009 – “Diamonds In The Rough IV”

Kim’s Diamonds:

“Dementia 13”

“The House That Dripped Blood”

“Tales That Witness Madness”

“Butterfly Sword”

“Kill By Inches”


TC’s Diamonds:

“New World Order”

“Paranoid Park”

“Herb & Dorothy”

“Sita Sings The Blues”

“Hanson – Strong Enough To Break” (a re-Diamond)

“Departures” (“Okuributo”)

2010 – “Diamonds In The Rough V ”

Coming November 7 2010!