The PNR Underground

Welcome to the PNR Underground! Here you will find lists that don’t necessarily fit into the normal list areas, and also movies that are hard to find that we’ve found sources for.
Eventually, some of these will work their way into their own pages, like the “Guilty Pleasures” list and such, but for now, we’ll add each new lists to the Underground!


Every movie fan has those movies that they love to watch no matter how bad they are, or how much everyone else hated them. Sometimes, people might actually think they’re not so bad. Or that they are so bad that they are just FUN to watch. Here are the lists from the two guilty pleasures shows that Subject:CINEMA has done so far…and don’t say we didn’t warn ya….

2006 – “You Made Us Love You, We Didn’t Want To Do It” – Guilty Pleasures I

Kim’s List

“Batman” (1966)

“It Came From Hollywood”

“Godzilla Vs The Smog Monster”


“The Rocky Horror Picture Show”

TC’s List

“BMX Bandits”

“The Pirate Movie”

“American Anthem”

“Pokemon 2000”

“Encino Man”

Joint Guilty Pleasures


“Doc Savage – Man Of Bronze”

2007 – “We Like You! We Have No Taste, But We Like You!” – Guilty Pleasures II

Kim’s List

“Plan 9 From Outer Space”


“Never Too Young To Die”

“The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavera”

“Kunoichi: Lady Ninja”

TC’s List



“Up The Academy”

“Tuff Turf”

The “Matt Helm” series starring Dean Martin