The Underrated Movies lists

The Popcorn N Roses Underrated Movies

Each year, we go through our scary frontal lobes and pull out a list of movies that we loved and that we feel were particularly underrated. We feel that these movies are unfairly and wrongly maligned by the critics, by the moviegoing public, or both.

Descriptions of WHY we feel this way about these movies will be forthcoming, but for now, here are the lists. These are movies that we think deserve a second chance.

2006 – “Underrated But Never Duplicated”

Kim’s Underrated Movies


“Sleuth” (1972)


“Noises Off”

“Beyond The Mat”

TC’S Underrated Movies

“The Avengers”


“First Monday In October”


“Lords Of Dogtown”

“Empire Records”

2007 – “Underrated Incorporated”

Kim’s Underrated Movies

“Godzilla: Final Wars”

“All Of Me”

“Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”

“Charlotte’s Web” (2006)

“The Curse Of Frankenstein”

“Dead Ringer”

TC’s Underrated Movies

“Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil”

“Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie”

“Dante’s Peak”

“Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto”

“Rat Race”

“A Prairie Home Companion”

2008 – “Underrated Incorporated”

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