The 2011 PNR Rising Stars Honors List

THE SIXTH ANNUAL POPCORN N ROSES RISING STARS LIST – 2011 For the sixth year in a row, Popcorn N Roses has announced its list of young actors and actresses we think you should keep an eye on. Given our track record, it’s a good bet that one or more of these talented young stars will explode sometime in the next year or so…


1. ALEX SHAFFER Alex completely captured our hearts with  his debut performance in "Win Win", and knowing that he is now going to focus on an acting career makes us think that the sky’s the limit for him. His natural charm comes across whether he’s acting or being interviewed, and we know he’s got a bright future as an actor.
2. JAMES FRECHEVILLE When your first major role is as intense as that which James played in the Aussie crime thriller "Animal Kingdom", the sky’s the limit. James made an indelible impression on anyone who saw that film, and he’ll take that impression to any role he will play in the future, be it drama, comedy, or a mix of the two. Looks and talent go a long way in entertainment, and James has both going for him.
3. VINCENT CASO Although Vincent hasn’t yet had a major feature film role, it’s only a matter of time. As the hunky if somewhat sex-obsessed heartthrob of the smash hit web series "The Guild", Vincent steals every scene he’s in. And in addition to being a top notch performer, Vincent has also turned his talents to helping others, as a motivational speaker and writer, and for someone so young, that’s a pretty amazing thing.
4. CALEB LANDRY JONES Something about Jones just screams "STAR" to us. From his somewhat terrifying turn in "The Last Exorcism" to his work as Banshee in "X-Men First Class" , Jones shows his ability to morph from one type of role to another. With nearly half a dozen films in the works, as well as making music with his band Robert Jones, Caleb stands to break loose as a major force in the movies and music in the next couple of years, and his electric presence will make sure we’ll be following everything he does.
5. OWEN CAMPBELL Although he’s had mostly small roles up to this point, Owen jumped out at us playing Hillary Swank’s youngest son in "Conviction"  and his small but pivotal role in the indie film "Bitter Feast".  He has an incredible intensity for someone his age, and given the right role and the chance to really shine, we think he will have what it takes to make it to the "A List" in this business.
6. RYAN LEE If you can take a small supporting role and make yourself stand out amongst your peers, you’ve got it made, and that’s exactly what Ryan did in "Super 8". As the hilarious young aspiring pyromaniac Carey, Ryan took his role and made himself unforgettable, and that’s why Ryan jumped to the head of his comedic class and right into this year’s PNR Rising Stars list.
7. THOMAS MANN Although his role in TC’s best picture of 2010, "It’s Kind Of A Funny Story", is small, Thomas makes it memorable. As the best friend to Keir Gilchrist’s suicidal teen, Thomas was able to convey both the goofy buddy side and the compassionate and caring side of his character, displaying emotions a lot of actors his age aren’t always convincing at. Thomas was, and it made him one of the standouts of that film, and with a real chance at stardom looming in 2011’s "Project X", we think Thomas is on the way to the top.
8. JON MOSES LENIER We often pick someone off the wall for this list, and Jon happens to be that person this year. As one of the writers, one of the directors and the star of the brilliant low-budget indie festival fave "The Beast Pageant", Jon is on screen 80% of the time, playing two different roles at the same time and making them worm their way into your heart. We’ll be watching ALL of his future projects, and we think he’s going to be an indie superstar in the not too distant future..
9. SAM CLAFLIN Sam has already found success on UK television, and now he’s moving into the big leagues with his co-starring role in the latest "Pirates Of The Caribbean" feature opposite Johnny Depp and Ian McShane, and he makes the most of it. Kim went completely ga-ga for him, and being able to charm the ladies like that never hurts either. Good looks, charm and real talent is a winning combination, and without a doubt, Sam definitely has it.
10. GLENN ERLAND TOSTERUD Glenn is another one of those performers who already knows what he wants. A producer, a writer, a director, and an actor, Glenn stands out as the lead in the hilariously scary Norwegian film "TrollHunter" and makes you believe in both his character AND the completely incredulous premise of this incredible fun "found footage" film, and that puts him high on our list as someone we’ll be keeping a very close eye on in the future.


1. BRITT ROBERTSON  Britt’s star is DEFINITELY on the rise. From her pivotal role in the hilarious and poignant indie comedy "Cherry" to her forthcoming lead role in "The Secret Circle" television series, Britt shines in whatever she does.  I still find it hard to believe she was 18 playing 14 in "Cherry"; she made us believe 100% in her character, and we’ll be keeping a VERY close eye on her from this point on…
2. AMANDA MICHALKA Whether doing television or films, Amanda – who sometimes goes by "A.J." – is equally comfortable. As the star of the CW series "Hellcats", and in pivotal roles in "Secretariat" and "Super 8", Amanda shows off that when she steps in front of the camera, she commands attention…
3. JENNIFER LAWRENCE A true ingeniue on the rise, Jennifer shows off that she can handle any kind of role with diverse turns in movies like "Winter’s Bone" (which landed her an Oscar nomination), "X-Men First Class" and Sundance favorite "Like Crazy". And now she’s got a huge task in front of her – bringing "The Hunger Games" heroine Katniss Everdeen to life in the film version of the runaway bestseller. We’re betting she can do it..with absolutely NO problem.
4. ELLE FANNING  The first sibling of a prior Rising Star alumni to make the list, Elle may have a slight resemblance to older sister Dakota (Rising Stars 2007), and she has the same kind of talent, but believe me, her work is her own. Stepping up big with her featured role in "Super 8", Elle is showing that she’s NOT just Dakota’s younger sister…she’s got talent all her own…
5. ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY  From the pages of Victoria’s Secret, Rosie makes her acting debut in "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" playing Shia LeBeouf’s new love interest. And she hit it out of the ball park with ease, making people realize that she’s not just another pretty face. We think Rosie’s got a big future in acting, and we hope people will give her a chance and forget that old catalog from …um..whatzit’sname? Heh heh heh..
6. ELIZABETH OLSEN  WIth a pedigree that’s been visible since her older sisters Mary Kate and Ashley have been around, you can bet Elizabeth has a lot to live up to. And she did just that at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, where she had several films in evidence, and she got raves for every single one of them. When "Martha Marcy May Marlene" goes national this fall, the sky will be the limit, and she might leave her older sisters in the dust…
7. ASTRID BERGES-FRISBY  Although she’s been visible in her native France on television and in films for the past couple of years, Astrid learned English for her debut as a captive mermaid in the latest "Pirates of The Caribbean" film. And you’d never know she’s still not completely comfortable with the language, because her character is one of the standouts of the film. And when future roles of both languages come her way, you can bet she will take the challenge head on and succeed…
8. CLARE FOLEY  Clare is the youngest performer to ever be featured on the Rising Stars list, and it’s because as Paul Giamatti’s young daughter in "Win Win" she positively steals the show. With her track record in tv, features, and commericals (you might know her from the Ally Bank commericals)  she is bound to take her career straight to the top.
9. HALEY BENNETT An all around talent to be reckoned with, Haley combines her classic screen beauty with business savvy. A successful songwriter, screenwriter, and actress, Haley is already on her way to becoming a power player in Hollywood. Her role in "Kaboom" was spot on, and in other vehicles she’s also proven very adept at adapting to any size or shape of character, and what more could you ask from such a  talented young actress?
10. DANIELLE CAMPBELL  Danielle is the latest Disney princess to take the entertainment world by storm. As one of the stars of the feature film "Prom" earlier this year, Danielle really showed off her skills, and she’s also been honing said skills on Disney TV as well. Now poised for a major leap forward, we bet that her talent and her drive will shoot her straight out of the starting gate in top gear,,,