roku-logoYou can now enjoy all the great PNR Networks podcasts – Plus MORE – on Roku! Our Roku channel has a TON of material, including the entire catalogs of:

Subject:CINEMA (includes the Subject:CINEMA MicroFocus spinoff from 2013 and ALL the specials)
Platinum Roses’ Garden
Mirrorball Mayhem
Mashed Up Madness
Three Minute Weekend
Subject:CINEMA Reviews (the new feed of JUST our S:C movie reviews)

PNR’s YouTube Channel
Larry411’s YouTube Channel

And More is on the horizon, including new podcasts and YouTube channels launching later this year, and hopefully, our music channels as well…

It is SUPER Easy to subscribe to our Roku channel – you can click the URL or type it into your system manually: it’s

For the time being, we are a private channel, but when we go public, you won’t have to change a thing – the feeds will be identical on both sides!

So subscribe to PNRNetworks on Roku TODAY and spread the word – we know you’re going to love the super easy convenience of listening and watching PNRNetworks podcasts and videos from your television!