HOT TRAILER: “The Night Clerk”

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Trailers for great new filmsThere is a reason that Tye Sheridan was eCinemaOne’s #1 Male Rising Star a few years back – this young actor has an uncanny ability to morph into and inhabit every character he plays. Now he’s about to bounce back from the debacle that was “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” with a role that he’s really going to shine in. The new crime thriller “The Night Clerk” follows Bart, a “socially challenged” night clerk at a hotel with an unusual…hobby…yeah, that’s what we’ll call it (heh heh), who witnesses a murder at the hotel he works at, and his attempts to find out what happened end up making him the number one suspect. Helen Hunt also stars as Bart’s mother, and John Leguizamo as the detective leading the investigation. Gotta admit, can’t wait to see this one when it hits theaters February 21! Enjoy!