So….a funny thing happened on the way to February….

It seems like every f**king year I have to do a post similar to this one, detailing what happened and why we’re suddenly missing a great deal from the podcast and website landscapes…::sigh::

So it began in late January, when Kim took a nasty fall while at the hairdressers. She then got the first of THREE different illnesses in a row. The third one was a case of the flu, which she then passed on to me, For the past week and a half, we have both been operating almost like zombies. She came down with it so bad that we had to cancel our Valentines Day plans for a dinner out, and thank goodness we didn’t get tickets to “Casablanca” this year simply for logistics reasons.  I came down with it by Sunday morning, and the last week has been, to put it bluntly, HELL.  We both managed to make it back to work on Friday, but then Kim relapsed on Saturday, so we ended up forfeiting our tickets to the 2020 CatVideoFest at the Coolidge this afternoon. I could have went alone…but that’s no fun…can’t enjoy the cats without my real life cat-in-another-life- wife by my side…

In the meantime, our grand plan to switch to a full month – February – of January Festival coverage bombed out. We didn’t get a single Subject:CINEMA up this month – I was so sick last week, in fact, that I missed an episode of Tuesday Digidex for the first time in history – and as a result, we’re going to be retooling our plans for the show for the next couple of months.

Next weekend, March 1, we will launch our annual Masochistic March shows as scheduled. This year’s theme is “X-Tremely BAAAADD!”; in salute to the 25th anniversary of the X-Games later this summer, we will be jumping feet first into the world of bad extreme sports films. But this year, we’re gonna do things a little bit differently, by also highlighting some of the best extreme sports films out there as well. We’ll be looking at both narrative and documentaries, and we hope you’ll have fun, enjoy the pain of the bad and the blast of the good all at the same time with us!

In April, we’ll return to January and February, as we devote the month to the January festivals – hey, we may be late, but NEVER SAY NEVER!  And we’ll follow that up in May with our annual Boston Springs A Fethival shows, highlighting Boston’s wave of spring festivals. So it will be TWO SOLID MONTHS of nothing but festival coverage – it’s a huge virtual FETHIVAL!

We also have a lot of cool plans for this summer, including a couple of new mini-podcasts, a few special series, and more. We’ll tell you more about those as the time approaches.

Here’s hoping the rest of the year goes far more smoothly than February has – we’ll see you back on Subject:CINEMA next weekend!