PODCAST: Tuesday Digidex with TC Kirkham – January 26 2021


Tuesday Digidex with TC Kirkham – January 26 2021

It’s Tuesday and time to check out the latest releases on DVD, BluRay, and Streaming on Tuesday Digidex with TC Kirkham –  including what’s coming up each week from the Criterion Collection as well as on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, and HBOMax (when applicable)!

Because of the delay in releasing major titles, Tuesday Digidex will continue to be sparse for the foreseeable future, but we’ll be here bringing you what we can!

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Beginning January 31, we will start to cover the digital network releases at the beginning of every month in their own separate show – “Tuesday Digidex presents StreamMonth” will provide you with all the titles hitting the major streaming services at the beginning of each month – this will include what’s hitting the small screen for the entire month on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBOMax, Disney Plus, and beginning in March, Paramount Plus (soon to formerly be CBS All Access). Beginning February 2 2021, TD will be bringing you the new weekly DVD and streaming releases on On Demand systems, plus the Criterion Collection and TV on DVD as always, but all streaming services will be featured only on the new monthly series. This is happening to make sure you have the lowdown on ALL the new programming in your hand at the beginning of every month!

HEY LISTENERS! Is “Tuesday Digidex” what you need? What can we do to make the show even better for 2021? We’re looking for YOUR input on what we can do to make TD the BEST possible home video release show we can! We want to hear YOUR ideas on how we can do even better – write to us  at “subjectcinema (at) PNRNetworks.com” and TALK TO US!

Check out Tuesday Digidex every Tuesday, from eCinemaOne, Subject:CINEMA and PNR Networks! and don’t forget, TD/TMW are now on Spotify!

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